Logo Generator SDI v 2.0
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Logo Generator SDI v 2.0
[SDI v2.0]
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SDI Logo Generator

Stream Logo SDI v2.0 is designed for operation using 8 and 10 bit serial component input SDI signal and 10 bit output signal in full compliance with CCIR656 and SMPTE259m. In the course of signal passing through the card all support information is intact, sound packs may be either left intact or changed, depending on conditions required. The input signal is error-checked with checksum calculation by the EDH method. For the output EDH packages are only formed anew in compliance with recommendations SMPTE165

Basic features:

  • Open architecture and built-in Phillips Trimedia powerful videoprocessor.
  • SDI, YUV/RGB, S-Video and Composite inputs/outputs.
  • 9 bit signal processing, brightness and color component separation in composite PAL, SECAM and NTSC based on band split adaptive filter ?color combine filter?.
  • Work in BY-PASS and "through the mixer" modes. Alpha channel (DSK) in digital and analog formats is provided for working with the mixer.
  • Control via front panel buttons, through local network (TCP/IP protocol) and through GPI.
  • Built-in nonvolatile 32 Mb hard disk with internal memory expansion option.
  • Static frame recording from serial digital source to built-in hard disk.
  • Playback of static and dynamic logos.
  • Optional modules providing indication of exact time and coordinates (satellite synchronization), temperature, pressure and humidity readings

    Stream Logo SDI v2.0 is a self-contained device, which is at the same time Logo Generator and Inserter/Keyer. Open architecture and built-in Phillips Trimedia powerful processor enable enhancing the functions of this device through internal algorithms perfection, without any hardware changes.

    Stream Logo SDI v2.0 can work both in BY-PASS and through the mixer modes. Alpha channel (DSK) in digital and analog formats is provided for working with mixer. Both positive and negative key signal delay with respect to output graphics may be specified in a wide range.

    Stream Logo SDI v2.0 is equipped, apart from serial digital input, with analog YUV/RGB, S-Video, Composite inputs. It can form analog YUV/RGB or S-Video and Composite output signals simultaneously with SDI signal regardless of the input used. Input signals may be in PAL, SECAM or NTSC, output ones in PAL or NTSC only. Frame repetition frequency does not change, i.e. it is possible to convert and to obtain NTSC only from NTSC. Input decoder distinctive feature is 9 bit signal processing and brightness and color component separation in composite PAL, SECAM and NTSC based on band split adaptive filter ?color combine filter?. It does not entail brightness channel pass band narrowing. 9 bit signal processing enables maintaining the whole 256 brightness range values, rather than only 160 – 170 values as in the case of 8 bit processing.

    10 bit digital-to-analog converter with 4x oversampling is used for analog signal shaping at the outputs. This enables complete signal filtering from high-frequency noise without additionally reducing the output signal brightness channel pass band.

    Stream Logo SDI v2.0 can be supplied as a truncated version without SDI for processing Component, S-Video and Composite signals only.

    Logo files are loaded in Stream Logo SDI v2.0 through network (TCP/IP protocol) into nonvolatile hard disk, with an option of further compressing these files in the device for more economical storage. Logos, including animation ones, are stored on the hard disk and can be either full-screen or occupy any part of the screen. The dedicated software enables convenient storage of logos and setup/changing of their output parameters (position on the screen, dimensions, transparency, etc.).

    Every point of the output logo graphics possesses a 32 bit representation, of which 24 bits represent its color (16 million hues), the remaining 8 bits being employed for representation of one of 256 grades of transparency (alpha channel). Though a computer graphics point color component is represented by 24 bits (8 x 8 x 8), in mixing the 30 bit representation is used (10 x 10 x 10), i.e. if the input signal has 10 bits, it will remain the same at the output. Superposed logo creation is an entirely digital procedure.

    The system also supports static frame recording from the serial digital input to the built-in hard disk. Apart from the standard version with 32-Mb memory of the in built-in nonvolatile hard disk, Stream Logo SDI v2.0 can be supplied with extended memory for nonstandard tasks.

    The Stream Labs provides a five ?year warranty for the Stream Logo SDI device

    For further information please contact us

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