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[VideoLogger HD/SD-SDI]
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The Indicated price is per input


MultiRec is an advanced video logging software for digital non-stop full time recording of TV channels

Multi-channel TV and Radio Recording / ingest software (correspondent multi-ingest card required)

SD-SDI with embedded Audio / Composite (with Analog stereo line) / TS (LAN 1Gb, bitrate 59Mb) / DVB-ASI.

Main features:

Supported inputs (PAL, SECAM, NTSC):
  • HD-SDI (Embedded Audio)
  • SD-SDI (Embedded Audio)
  • Composite (Analog Audio)

Supported our capture cards: MS4, MS2, MS416, MH4L

Support of scaling from HD to lower resolution for MH4L card:
1920x1080; 1280x720; 960x540; 720x405; 640x360; 480x270; 320x180

Support of scaling from SD to lower resolution for MS2/4 cards:
720x576; 640x480; 480x384; 360x288; 320x240; 180x144

Streaming of recording channels to IP (Multicast) for visual monitoring

Data protection from hardware failures (using RAID-arrays) and unauthorized access;
Support of both internal and external disk arrays of any capacity and RAID level;
Flexible management of data storages (you can create and remove virtual storage, change encoding parameters and the time limit, etc.);
The system also provides the ability to manage the disk space allocated for storages with no data loss (to add, to delete, to move);
The system is resistant to accidental and emergency power failures;
Automatic restoration of functionality after restart in case of contingency outages;
Software automatically monitors the performance for each channel and total system performance which allows to flexibly control and adjust server loading;
Encoding of uncompressed (SDI, Composite) video and audio data using MPEG-2 or H.264 compression algorithms with user-defined parameters;
Audio recording of any of 8 SDI Embedded Audio stereo pairs;
Independent record parameters setup for every channel (codec type, parameters, loop record time limit, data source, additional features of video processing (scaling, compression, frame rate, GOP, etc);
Non-stop recording or upon a record-list;
Individual schedule creation for each channel;
Rules set-up for the schedules;
Display of the entire recording history for every channel using special timeline with different colors, marking the recording events such as the start/stop, turning off the alarm, equipment malfunction and on;
The timeline not only allows to visually monitor the process of writing data to the storage, but also provides the convenient interface for searching, data selection and downloading them for later viewing;
User rights management. The system allows simultaneous connection, downloading and viewing the recorded data being made by multiple users.
The system has an advanced system of access rights management and allows dividing the users to several groups according to their duties: Administrator; Schedule Manager; Media viewer User

MultiRec Server from USD 1549.00

Software and cards are not included. Please inquire for latest PC and 1U configuration

F?r weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte

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IP and Web Play out software h.264 HD class=
IP and Web Play out software h.264 HD
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