Multiviewer MultiScreen TS
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Multiviewer MultiScreen TS
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Multiviewer MultiScreen TS

Software for MPEG TS monitoring.
Unlimited number of channels can be programmed on single USB key

The indicated price is for 4 channels

A/V Monitoring devices (Multiscreen, Multiviewer)
Sold as software, software+cards sets, turn-key servers
different video signal types could be combined in the same server
Please inquire

The software for forming and editing configurations, network device control
and operation register viewing can be installed on any computer and have no license number restriction

MultiScreen TS Features

Monitoring features

  • Multiple monitors support. Up to 4 monitors (up to 2 monitors in standard configuration) connection via VGA / DVI / HDMI interface to one Stream MultiScreen TS device;
  • Vertical monitor arrangement support;
  • Displaying monitor resolution can reach: 1600 x 1200 pixels (VGA output) or Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels (HDMI / DVI-I (DVI-D) output);
  • Final signal image display in standard television CVBS / S-Video / YUV format with 720 x 576 pixels resolution via video card output.

Core graphic design features

Extremely user-friendly Stream Client Manager application allows to create window configurations on any common PC. By using simple drag/drop action, built-in window layout editor helps you quickly create a necessary configuration, including signal control parameters assignment, amount of service information supplied to user, clock, timer and sound indicators display.

  • Random video windows position and size. The maximum size a video window can reach is the full-screen monitor size. 16:9 frame ratio support;
  • Unlimited number of layers for objects layout (windows, PPM, clocks, captions etc.);
  • Brightness, contrast and saturation can be adjusted for every video window separately;
  • Random audio PPM sound indicator position;
  • Random window text (title) location, font, size and colour;
  • Digital clock output with random position, font, size, colour and format of displayed data (time/date);
  • Several analog clock types;
  • Time zone adjustment for digital and analog clocks;
  • Each system graphic object can have a specified outline (width, colour) and background (colour or image from file (bmp, tga, tif)).

Controlled signal parameters

The system provides intelligent analysis of the following parameters for video and audio streams:

  • Video Loss (video fallout / recovery);
  • Frozen Video;
  • Black Frame;
  • Audio Loss (basic audio stream fallout / recovery, level overshoot, low signal level);
  • Audio Silence;
  • EDH errors report for SDI signal;
  • GPI input state change;
  • TSCС error - transport stream continuity counter sequence error;
  • Scrambled Video;
  • Display of transport stream information (service number and program name, PMT pid, PCR pid, PID and codec of video and audio program streams, video stream resolution and scan type (progressive or interlaced), current frame rate, video stream speed).

A schedule is composed to check the emergency alert response (with alarm analysis time span indication) with an option for custom response settings for each event.

The system operation log information is constantly updated and saved in client?s (operator?s) application, where it is also possible to make a query from any available ?Video Server? module in order to obtain selective information at random system operation time range.

The system operation log features the following data:

  • Time and date of alarm response start and end;
  • Alarm signal duration;
  • Alarm signal type;
  • Multicast group name, IP address and port, PID stream;
  • Server name, from which the alarm signal came;
  • Service information: specified alarm response threshold values, signal operating values, etc.

The system can be configured for response to any emergency alert in the following ways:

  • Visual (graphic): changing colour and frame width;
  • Sounding an alarm signal via computer Sound Blaster;
  • Alarm receipt confirmation by pressing a button or equivalent key in the client software.

MultiScreen TS Specifications

Input signal:
  • 1 Gbit/s speed Ethernet with IEEE 802.1Q VLAN and IEEE 802.1p QoS support
  • DVB-ASI (supported DekTec and Delta Cast cards)

IP multicast groups, containing MPEG-2 single-program transport stream with TV-programs compressed to MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 / H.264 standards. The number of simultaneously displayed channels is limited only by server processing power.

Video outputs:
  • VGA output ? 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • HDMI / DVI-I (DVI-D) output ? 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD) or 1920 x 1200 pixels (computer resolution)
  • CVBS / S-Video / YUV (RCA)
Audio outputs (RCA):One of the monitored audio channels can be played through the device sound card (miniJack Stereo) or video card with HDMI.
TALLY function:
(reaction on shorting the relevant pair of contacts)

The number of simultaneously displayed and controlled IP multicast groups is defined by the system processor speed.
Hardware required: CPU Intel i7 2600, DDR3 2x2Gb, HDD 320 Gb SATA, DVD-RW, Video NVidia 1Gb HDMI+DVI, Win XP/7 Pro, Power 450W
The software for forming and editing configurations, network device control and operation register viewing can be installed on any computer and has no license number restriction.

For further information please contact our sales department

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Download Multiviewer MultiScreen TS software
Current software version for Stream Multiscreen and Stream Mutliscreen TS
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