Playout automation and on-air text and graphics design Breakout boxes and circuit boards Software for playout automation, reviewing of sports events and more... create and display titles, rolls, crawls, commercial blocks, logotypes and more.... What You Think Is What You Get! Distribution and amplification of video signals... Transmission of video signals over optic fiber... High Definition and Standard Definition Decoders.... Professional HD/SD Video and Audio Decoders.... SD Video and Audio Decoders... High Definition and Standard Definition Encoders... Professional HD/SD Video and Audio Encoders.... Professional SD Video and Audio Encoders...  Modern Set-top boxes for decoding digtal tv signals... Kartina IPTV subscription for Russian Television IPTV Set Top Box for Kartina T.V. A complete studio in a box... Create monitoring and TV broadcast recording systems,
multichannel visual TV broadcast monitoring, video surveillance, multichannel studio recording and slow motion replay, etc. Create/display titles, rolls, crawls, commercial blocks, logotypes and more SDI Graphics, capture and more... Multiscreen solutions. Multiviewer Software Solutions. Easy prompting equipment... Teleprompters designed for studio use. Teleprompters designed for use in the field. Teleprompters designed for use on stage.. Software for prompting... Pedestals for Teleprompters Tablet PC's Systems for Telepresence in HD Powerfull Video mixers for live mixing and adding of effects... External Video recorders... Compact Flash -. S2 Express -, and SDXC/HC class 10 Memory Cards Compact Flash cards Wise S2 Express cards Secure Digital cards Class 10 Secure Digital High Capacity cards Class 10 Secure Digital eXtended Capacity cards Video routers (some with built in multiviewer) powerful, cost-effective and ready-to-use solution for broadcast design and playout automation We offer a wide range of converters for converting any video signal to any Video signal. Equipment for generating logos and test patterns Everything to do with cabling... Audio Snakes Video Snakes,Patch Cables,Fiber Optic SMPTE Cables,Stage Boxes Custom Panels Wall Plates & More Audio, Data, Video, Fiber optic and Multipin connectors Precision engineered cable for broadcast, pro-audio and commercial AV Jacketed combination of two fiber cables with one coax cable. Interfaces remote camera and production control center.  Fiber cable for HD/SDI camera video. Other signals via coax. Video Coax & UTP SINGLE-PAIR, DUAL-PAIR, MICROPHONE CABLE, AUDIO SNAKE CABLE, SPEAKER CABLE Cat5 and Cat6 network cables SMPTE 311M Hybrid Fiber, Camplex & Telemetrics Cable, Tactical fiber, Distribution fiber, Breakout fiber, Sub-grouping fiber, Simplex & duplex fiber, Special application fiber Wireless access points and directional antennas.
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 Multiviewer system class=   Multiviewer system   $289.00  Compre Ahora class=   Stream Labs 
 Multiviewer MultiScreen TS class=   Multiviewer MultiScreen TS   $749.00  Compre Ahora class=   Stream Labs 
 Multiviewer Cyclops class=   Multiviewer Cyclops   $1,500.00  Compre Ahora class=   VS Group 
 Multiviewer Ulysses class=   Multiviewer Ulysses   $3,199.00  Compre Ahora class=   VS Group 
 Multiviewer Multiscreen Composite class=   Multiviewer Multiscreen Composite   $5,200.00  $4,699.00  Compre Ahora class=   Stream Labs 
 Multiviewer Stream MultiScreen SDI 16 class=   Multiviewer Stream MultiScreen SDI 16   $9,000.00  $6,999.00  Compre Ahora class=   Stream Labs 
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Multiviewers enable you to display -, and manipulate different signals simultaneously on 1 screen .
Multiviewers are useful in places where a number of screens should be monitored as in TV studios or security centers. Here, a multiviewer not only saves space and money but also places all sources directly in sight of the observer which has many objective - and creative benefits.
How many signal sources, can be monitored with 1 multiviewer depends on the model and the type.

You can find further details about our multiviewers via the links on this page.
We also offer a software based multiviewer (with card)by Stream Labs.
Multiviewers have also been build in to several of our routers.
To view these. please click on the link below.
Routers with multiviewing capabillity

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Captura multicanal ASI/SD-SDI, CVBS

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