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Opciones para PLAYOUT INSERTION Vplay


Play out automation software ? Vplay

Multifunctional software for SD/HD multichannel broadcasting/insertion

Multifunctional easy-to-use software for multichannel broadcasting and insertion of media data with simple graphics design abilities. Support of all common types of the input AV-signals and transport streams. Support of the most widespread compression types and containers media data. Client-server technology implementation. Correspondent I/O card required

The indicated price is for ONE channel. You can also order more channels.

Support of Stream Labs and DeckLink cards gives the ability to build the server configurations
with flexible set of various AV-signals types (input and output) and transport streams.

Main Features

? Simultaneous and independent working with several broadcasting/ insertion channels
? Simultaneous multichannel playback
? IP/Web broadcasting along with AV-signal generation allowing to control stream speeds and resolution
? Client-Server technology gives the ability to fully manage all server functions via free client software being installed on any networked PC
? Support of playing the most part of the widespread video format media files within one playlist
? Working either with MS SQL database (appropriate for building complex distributed systems) or without it (sufficient for simple purposes)
? Logging, SNMP protocol support
? TV schedule editing during the playback
? Long term scheduling without time limits
? Remote schedule creation using convenient built-in editor
? Support of various schedule formats to import (AirBox, Forward TA and on) including simple text format
? Emergency jump to play the selected element of the schedule
? Working with live inputs of various format (analog, SDI, ASI, TS streams)
? External devices control during the playback according to the commands in playlist via RS-422/232/Ethernet interfaces
? Automated insertion of inter-program and ad blocks into the live AV-signal (according to a schedule, GPI signals, etc.)
? Generation of individual multilayer graphics design for every program including titles, crawls, video effects like picture-in-picture, background pictures, logos, etc.
? Generation of digital and analog clocks of any size and free design with background sounds
? Support of animated background made by means of TGA pictures chain
? Binding of the graphics design to the main playlist events using secondary events technology
? Video clips trimming and graphics design preview

Supported outputs:
(depend on installed cards)
  • HD-SDI (Embedded audio)
  • SD-SDI (Embedded audio)
  • Composite/S-Video/YUV (Analog Audio: balanced/unbalanced
  • IP (MPEG 2, AVC/H264 scalable resolution 320-1080pixels, bitrates 1Mbit ? 40Mbit)
  • HDMI (SD, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)

  • Supported inputs:
    (depend on installed cards)
  • HD-SDI (Embedded audio)
  • SD-SDI (Embedded audio)
  • Composite/S-Video/YUV (Analog Audio: balanced/unbalanced)
  • HDMI (SD, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)

  • Field of Application

    ? ability to perform a TV broadcasting schedule
    ? ability to perform program, inter-program, ad blocks, various graphics overlay including logos, titles and on
    ? ability to perform multichannel SD/HD broadcasting
    ? building of the Indoor TV systems based on Multichannel IP and HDMI broadcasting
    ? simultaneous multichannel playback feeding the video signal to various visualization devices (video monitors, panels, TV projectors and on)

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