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multichannel visual TV broadcast monitoring, video surveillance, multichannel studio recording and slow motion replay, etc. Create/display titles, rolls, crawls, commercial blocks, logotypes and more SDI Graphics, capture and more... Multiscreen solutions. Multiviewer Software Solutions. Easy prompting equipment... Teleprompters designed for studio use. Teleprompters designed for use in the field. Teleprompters designed for use on stage.. Software for prompting... Pedestals for Teleprompters Tablet PC's Systems for Telepresence in HD Powerfull Video mixers for live mixing and adding of effects... External Video recorders... Compact Flash -. S2 Express -, and SDXC/HC class 10 Memory Cards Compact Flash cards Wise S2 Express cards Secure Digital cards Class 10 Secure Digital High Capacity cards Class 10 Secure Digital eXtended Capacity cards Video routers (some with built in multiviewer) powerful, cost-effective and ready-to-use solution for broadcast design and playout automation We offer a wide range of converters for converting any video signal to any Video signal. Equipment for generating logos and test patterns Everything to do with cabling... Audio Snakes Video Snakes,Patch Cables,Fiber Optic SMPTE Cables,Stage Boxes Custom Panels Wall Plates & More Audio, Data, Video, Fiber optic and Multipin connectors Precision engineered cable for broadcast, pro-audio and commercial AV Jacketed combination of two fiber cables with one coax cable. Interfaces remote camera and production control center.  Fiber cable for HD/SDI camera video. Other signals via coax. Video Coax & UTP SINGLE-PAIR, DUAL-PAIR, MICROPHONE CABLE, AUDIO SNAKE CABLE, SPEAKER CABLE Cat5 and Cat6 network cables SMPTE 311M Hybrid Fiber, Camplex & Telemetrics Cable, Tactical fiber, Distribution fiber, Breakout fiber, Sub-grouping fiber, Simplex & duplex fiber, Special application fiber Wireless access points and directional antennas.
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FD300 board class= FD300 board  $0.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Forward Tx Lite Free Software class= Forward Tx Lite Free Software  $1.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Passive BreakOut Box class= Passive BreakOut Box  $300.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
SDI-Board in/out class= SDI-Board in/out  $890.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Active Breakout Box class= Active Breakout Box  $1,090.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Forward TK class= Forward TK  $2,080.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Forward TA broadcast automation class= Forward TA broadcast automation  $2,180.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Forward TP broadcast automation class= Forward TP broadcast automation  $2,770.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Forward TS ASI class= Forward TS ASI  $3,080.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Forward TS IP class= Forward TS IP  $3,980.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Virtual studio Focus Lite Analog class= Virtual studio Focus Lite Analog  $6,300.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Virtual studio Focus Lite SD SDI class= Virtual studio Focus Lite SD SDI  $6,800.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Virtual studio Focus HD SDI class= Virtual studio Focus HD SDI  $14,400.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Forward Referee class= Forward Referee  $15,000.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
Virtual studio Focus HD Full Version class= Virtual studio Focus HD Full Version  $32,600.00  Buy Now class=   SoftLab-NSK 
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SoftLab-NSK is the leading Russian developer of professional training complexes based on principles of Virtual Reality.
SoftLab-Nsk was founded in 1988 by a group of scientists from the Institute of Automation and Electrometry
of the Russian Academy of Sciences taking part in the Russian space program in the area of
astronaut training systems design (the activities started in the midst of 70-s).
Softlab-NSK has become one of the main developers of simulators in the Russian Space program.
SoftLab-NSK?s docking simulators and virtual reality based education systems are actively employed in the Gagarin?s Cosmonaut Training Center.
The company had grown and now unites experts with many years of experience in various fields of computer graphics
and creative young professionals.

SDK for Developers

A complete and thorough SDK is provided free of charge for Forward T products in order to develop one's own applications allowing you to implement the following options based on the products:

? video and audio input/output (playing files of different formats included)
? controlling the FD300 board video mixer
? chroma key (rear projection)
? controlling the FD300 board multichannel audio mixer
? overlaying titles with alpha channel
? control of overlaying "standard" title objects of the title system
? control of overlaying one's own multilayer animated titles with transparency
? controlling the SMS title object, integration of applications of SMS providers with title objects for displaying SMS messages (creating SMS chats, SMS polls)
? controlling the FDOnAir application (controlling the broadcast server and/or receiving messages from it) ? playback of various video formats using DirectShow technology

To work with the SDK, you can use various programming languages: C++, C#, VB, Java. Our SDK is successfully used by developers from the USA, Europe, Korea, Argentina, Rusland, China

Video & Audio Capture

Using Forward T products, you can capture video and audio to AVI files. To compress video, you can use any video codec Video for Windows (intraframe) installed in the system. The software package includes several video codecs for popular video formats: DV, Motion JPEG, MPEG2 I-Frame, optimized for maximum performance (multiprocessor support included). Audio is captured without compression (Linear PCM, 16 bit).
? all analog signal formats in the NTSC, PAL, SECAM standards are supported
? optionally available is digital video capture via SDI input/output board (note: digital video capture via the IEEE1394 interface is not supported)
? TBC for working with unstable signal (e.g. VHS recorders)
? hardware synchronization of video and audio
? automatic capture by the schedule
? controlling the recorder when capturing data (Sony Betacam RS-422, Sony RS-232 protocols)
? when capturing, simultaneous playback of video and titles is possible

Capture is performed using the FDCapture application included in the software package.

Download SoftLab-NSK software

Full version to run with or without FD300 board
IPOutOption_Setup_5_2_0 (1).exe
Forward Plugins for Forward T products.
Forward Goalkeeper

Videos: SoftLab-NSK

Broadcast equipment by SoftLab-NSK

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