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TELE Info broadcast automation software
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Available Options for TELE Info broadcast automation software

Alpha Plus: Wind SDI II:

Playout automation, on-air text and graphics design server
with interactive TV support

To run this program you need use one of our suitable PC cards (Alpha Plus or Wind SDI II)

TELE Info software provides TV-studio broadcasting automation by scheduling the programs output, inserting regional advertisement into central channel broadcasting line-up, adding titles, overlaying stills and logos, generating clocks display and much more.
With vast possibilities for text and graphics design of displayed video material and pass-through signal, much more extensive than those of TELE 2.2, TELE Info helps to organize a ?Bloomberg? or RAI-24 style information channel. The design of those channels is distinguished by high informational and graphic intensity ? simultaneous output of several crawls, animated logos, and information fields with constant content update.
TELE Info application will also help to organize a personal music channel ? fully automated clip rotation (by vote) with titles (song name, artist, etc.) in combination with SMS-chat and internet voting.
The application does not require any additional equipment (synchronizers, mixers, transcoders, nonlinear editing systems, etc.) and allows to execute graphic information, video and audio overlay directly over the pass through signal.

TELE Info package includes:

? Character Generation program Alpha Pro;
? TELE 2.2 content playout and on-air text and graphics design server
? SMS-Terminal application, which is designed for on-air process automation,
and receiving calls and SMS-messages from mobile phones and external programs (particularly via Internet).

Key features

TELE Info contains all the features of Alpha Pro and Tele 2.2

Additional features

- Broadcasting text and multimedia (graphic) messages (SMS). Moderating incoming messages.
- Vote holding with the results scale display and a possibility to connect equipment for telephone vote option.
- Automatic clip rotation by vote. Clip playback starts when it collects the majority of the votes.
- Automatic blocks output from RSS sources.
- Titling ?on-the-fly? during news block output or organization of live broadcasts in the studio.
- Picture-in-Picture mode with video clips and incoming digital streams.
- Built-in module for programming and employment of personal applications written in Visual Basic. This helps to adapt the system for broadcasting in mixed mode (on-air broadcasting together with already prepared schedule playout).
- Support for personal applications and scripts written in different programming languages, including Visual Basic and VBScript in HTML-pages.
- Subtitles for movies (clips) displayed by the system using ready SRT-files.
- Using the following elements in same schedule in any combination:

? Streams coming from various video signal capturing devices. The source of digital stream can be a controller with IEEE-1394 DV capture interface, ?multipurpose TV Tuner? (different cards and USB-devices for video signal capture), or a web-camera. All digital streams can be scaled, colour corrected and sound adjusted, can be displayed in full-screen or picture-in-picture mode.
- Editing schedule and its elements:

? Define text attributes of the video clip (band name, artist name, song name, etc.) for automatic overlay in the beginning and at the end of the clip;
- Synchronously with the start of every schedule element it is possible to overlay an additional unlimited number of text and graphics elements (secondary events) over it:

? Animation files without restrictions of real cumulative output area (sequence of graphic files (TGA) with alpha-channel);
? Titles (Windows fonts, Unicode coding supported), can be rotated by 90 degrees;
? Crawls and Rolls.
Output one or several crawls and rolls not only over the pass-through signal, but also over clips and incoming digital signal (Stream) used as schedule elements.
Moving text can contain static or animated logos. Crawls can have markers assigned to them for pause or speed changes.
It is possible to perform output and editing of the text in reverse direction, in conformity with selected national font. Crawls can run from left to right and from right to left.

? ScreenCap objects (displaying the computer screen window).
Capturing Windows Desktop display with all real-time changes (ex. In order to display flash-animation or a part of Internet Explorer window content). ScreenCap can be inserted into pass-through video signal or over a clip (digital stream) in a window with soft edges, scaling, colour correction and smoothing.
- External DV devices control via 1394 interface. Allows to broadcast the material directly on-the-air via Stream ALPHA card without preliminary copying to computer.

Supported video formats

TELE INFO supports the majority of the widespread formats that exist today:
? TS, MP4, MOV, MPG, AVI, VOB, WMV, ASF, etc.
? All resolutions - 480i 480p 576i 576p 720/24p 720/50p 720/60p 1080/24p 1080/50i 1080/60i, as well as clips with random resolution taken from the Internet - Youtube HD, QuickTime trailers, etc.
? Regardless of PAL/NTSC, transcoding * is performed when necessary.
? Regardless of SD/HD, transcoding SD-> HD or HD-> SD is performed when necessary.
? Regardless of progressive or interlaced source file, transcoding 24p-> 50i, 60i-> 50i, 24p-> 60i, 50i-> 60i is performed when necessary

* transcoding is performed in real time without preliminary rendering during playback.

Chroma key

TELE Info software together with ALPHA Plus PCI-E and WIND SDI II cards can now provide a rear projection (chroma key) with an option of adding various effects, titles, animation and graphics over the resulting video signal. The system works in real time, which is essential in broadcasting studio conditions. It operates by placing the object of your video filming between the two layers of computer graphics.

? You can use any computer graphics (static images, dynamically varying compositions and animations) or video clip as a back layer (background). The background behind the actor can also change in real time, for example, if it is animated or if the script implies a transition from one image to another with the use of a special effect. In the meantime, the object of the video filming in the studio is placed against a blue or green background and is being ?cut out? due to the chroma key effect. You will no longer need expensive background scenes, all the imaginary background can be created on a computer
? The titles, crawls containing different incoming messages or information on-the-fly, computer graphics and animations are set as a front (top) layer (in the Logo Editor of TELE/TELE Info or SMS Terminal software), which is overlayed over the object of the video filming with controllable transparency (alphachannel). On a program level the quantity of graphic layers can be unlimited, restricted only by the computer processing power. The output of a picture on the top layer can be synchronized with the output of a picture on the background (for example, a change of the weather chart images)

DETECT Software module

A part of TELE and TELE Info broadcast automation and informational and graphic on-air design software suite is an additional program for automatic advertising insert by DTMF-signal or by musical fragment - "bumper" (jingle, signature tune of the advertising block).
Operation principle: at a regional (retransmitting) station a special program module called DETECT constantly listens to incoming audio coming from the head station and "recognizes" (picks out from incoming audio) the DTMF-signal sound or the musical signature. The sample for comparison can be set separately for the left and right audio channel.
The program works together with the schedule, and upon detection of the specified sound sample it issues a certain command, forcing TELE/TELE Info to start the output of selected video blocks depending on current system time, or to stop the output.
In addition, the program can perform similar actions by accepting GPI-signals through the Game-port of a computer. For example, from control panel in the studio or from the block of CUE-signals identification Softel SE3067. In a similar way, a system of local advertising insert in EuroNews, EuroSport and Animal Planet channels on St.-Petersburg cable TV was implemented on the basis of Alpha SDI Card and TELE Info software

SMS Terminal program module

SMS Terminal program module designed for broadcast automation is equipped with most demanded today?s services, such as:
? Broadcasting text and multimedia (graphic) messages, organizing the moderation of incoming messages
? Vote holding by utilizing pre-programmed templates with variable number of answer choices, including result representation scale and telephone vote equipment connection feature
? Automatic clip rotation via vote. Clip playback starts based on majority of its votes
? Automatic news blocks output from RSS feeds
? Organization of titling ?on the fly? during news blocks production and organization of live broadcasts from studio
? Output of announces and crawls

SMS Terminal application can work both by interacting with the scheduled clips playout process in TELE 2.2 Info, and stand-alone.
The program features a large number of parameters, which allow flexible system setup according to specific studio requirements, broadcast design style and various combinations of services.
SMS Terminal comes with additional utilities for calls and SMS-messages reception, i.e. via the Internet.

TELE Info program allows to save 4 text parameters for each video clip. Having set up the names of composition elements, time and duration of their display in the beginning and at the end of a clip, it is possible to create a simple young audience oriented music channel.

Here you can see the Logo Editor window with a music channel design

In the background there is a frame from a music clip.
The composition features an animated banner (below), a text crawl and a group for info display - the name of the artist and the name of the song.
A more complex music channel with rotation of clips based on the results of SMS-voting can be organized by using the SMS Terminal application - a part of TELE Info bundle.

For further information please contact our sales department

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