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TELE Info + IP
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Opciones para TELE Info + IP

Alpha Plus: Wind SDI II:

TELE Info + IP
allows broadcasting to the network

(Character Generation software included, CVBS or SD-SDI card required)

For simultaneous SD-SDI/CVBS A_D IP play out, AVerTV HD DVR, DeckLink Intensity

Broadcasting software-hardware complex with dual separate -output signal
via a PC card and simultaneously to the network.

TELE Info+IP contains all the features of TELE Info software

TELE Info+IP is an integrated software solution for TV-studio broadcasting automation.
It is designed for creation and broadcasting of interactive programs, SMS-chats, on-air telephone polls,
advertisement blocks output and design of live TV programs, such as news, weather forecasts, live sports reports and talk shows.
The program presents an ideal solution for creation of infotainment shows or young audience oriented music channels.
TELE Info+IP combines many years of engineering experience and current professional video production requirements.

To run this aplication you need use one of our suitable PC cards (Alpha Plus or Wind SDI II)

Supported video formats

TELE Info + IP supports the majority of the widespread formats that exist today:

? TS, MP4, MOV, MPG, AVI, VOB, WMV, ASF, etc.
? All resolutions - 480i 480p 576i 576p 720/24p 720/50p 720/60p 1080/24p 1080/50i 1080/60i, as well as clips with random resolution taken from the Internet - Youtube HD, QuickTime trailers, etc.
? Regardless of PAL/NTSC, transcoding * is performed when necessary.
? Regardless of SD/HD, transcoding SD-> HD or HD-> SD is performed when necessary.
? Regardless of progressive or interlaced source file, transcoding 24p-> 50i, 60i-> 50i, 24p-> 60i, 50i-> 60i is performed when necessary

* transcoding is performed in real time without preliminary rendering during playback

Main Window

Note: to run this program with Alpha Plus Card you must use an capture card, for example Aver TV HD,
with Wind SDI II card you must use another capture card, for example DeckLink SDI.

For further information please contact us

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