Teleprompter dual-screen
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Teleprompter dual-screen
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Teleprompter VSS-10B.2

Portable dual-screen teleprompter

Teleprompters in the VSS family are designed to use with any tripod and any type of camera from Compact to Broadcast HD.
Simply place the teleprompter on a tripod then mount your camera and the system is ready for prompting.

Teleprompter VSS-10B.2 is made along traditional lines and intended for the projection of text towards a translucent mirror placed in front of a video camera. The text is completely reflected in the direction of the announcer.

This teleprompter is foldable and portable.

The Teleprompter VSS-10B.2 set includes:
  • a hood with a translucent mirror which sizes 230 x 230 mm
  • a height -adjustable support platform
  • a 10-inch TFT monitor with cables
  • a control foot-pedal with a cable
  • specialized VSPrompt 2.0b. teleprompter software

The support platform consists of a stable and light aluminium frame with sliding plates for easy mounting of:
  • any standard tripod (3/8 inch fastening)
  • any camera (The rear of the support platform allows use of cameras of different sizes through changing of brackets)
  • adjustable mounting brackets for the hood with the mirror and the monitor
No counterbalance needed
A 10 meter long cable connects the foot pedal and the base computer via the COM port.
When the COM port is inaccessible the customary adapter USB->COM provides for the connection between foot pedal and computer.
You can increase this cable's length up to 200 meters.
Besides using the foot pedal, scrolling control of the text can also be controlled by using ShuttleExpress (by Contour Design)

Another 10 meter long RGB cable (optional) enables the connection between the TFT monitor and the base computer.
You can increase this cable's length up to 200 meters in case of using the monitor with a composite video input and the presence of a corresponding output on the computer.

It is also possible to provide Video-VGA by converter or through the use of a VGA extender

Teleprompter VSS-10B.2 is manufactured as dual-screen teleprompter. The second one -Fedback Monitor is positioned vertically and used for monitoring the behaviour of an actor/presenter on the screen. The prompter don't need any additional counterbalance.

Teleprompter VSS-10B.2 comes packed in highly compact special utility suitcase (500 x 280 x 120 mm)

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