Video mixer GVM_1615
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Video mixer GVM_1615
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Vision Mixer GVM 1615

16 PAL/SDI Input 2,5M/E Vision Mixer
Broadster GVM 1615 - 2.5M/E production switcher has an ergonomic compact design with an intuitive
interface, facilitating the operation process, as well as ensures high reliability during broadcasting


Broadster GVM 1615 is featured with 16 PAL/SDI inputs. 8 Dual PAL+SDI outputs include PGM, PVW and 6 AUX outputs.
Each output signal has analog and digital outputs, able to work and transmit the same signal in both formats simultaneously.

Auto Detection and Signal Synchronization

Due to built in Frame Synchronizers at every input, there's no necessity to synchronize incoming signals. Different sources mix smoothly and without line tearing.
Each input of Broadster GVM 1615 automatically indentifies the type of signal its dealing with- digital or analog, without any additional settings or equipment.

ME Plus?

ME Plus? ? the newest development of Guramex ? increases your production capabilities by creating additional ME, thus transforming Broadster GVM 1 615 into production switcher with 2. 5 ME possibilities and spirit!
With ME Plus? you gain: Extra ME production possibility Extra 2 Full-featured Keyers
Combined signal, created in ME Plus? mode, can be used as an independent internal source in multi-line production. At the same time it can be delegated to auxiliary output and used as an independent program output.


The switcher provides wide opportunities for keying - 4 independent key channels and 2 DSK channels. Unique Chroma-key, Luma-key, Video-Key and Preset Pattern are included in switcher basic configuration.
Moreover each of the scaled pictures from 5 channel PiP can be used as a key fill source.


Fully integrated, internal 2 channel solution for the multi-screen image is at your service. Multi-Viewer allows you to display up to 16 video streams on a single screen in different modes.
Each video stream has its own audiometer, UMD and plenty of other markers. The source can be any external video signal, as well as master-channel, or any other internally formed signal. Due to built in waveform scope there is an opportunity to display parameters of any video signal source through multiviewer.
The output signal has a resolution of 1920x1080 and is displayed via DVI-D / HDMI output.

Internal Video Storage

You may upload own designed graphic wipes, TV headband or background clips to the GVM1615?s Dual-channel nonvolatile video storage.
Each channel can store about 50 slides and clips with total duration up to 10 min (25frame/sec)

Animated Logotype generator

Isolated, independent channel for displaying Animated Logotype. Supports most popular - AVI video format. Simply upload the picture and drag it into right place on the screen.

Outstanding Picture-in-Picture performance

Create combined image with up to 5 scaled pictures and background I with possibility of Dynamic Transition of combined images. The pictures can be moved, resized, repositioned, cropped and given colored border.
PiP can be used as an additional source without occupying DVE and keying channels. Yet, in case of need, each of scaled pictures can be used as fill source for keying. Moreover, PiP can be used in both ways simultaneously!
Up to 16 state of PiP function can be saved and delegated to buttons of ?One Touch Section?. Single push of button provides transition between PIP states with defined duration.

Super Wipe ? creativity in motion

Along with standard cut, mix and wipe transitions you can enjoy with your own designed creative transitions, combined with graphic and audio. Up to 96 Super Wipe can be stored in the internal storage.

Event memory

Created to allow each user to save his frequently used switcher configuration, Event Memory memorizes up to 99 states, of which 1 6 can be assigned to hot recall buttons in ?One Touch Section?

Assistant Software control and Multiplatform control possibility

If you feel more comfortable in a chair at your PC Guramex has got surprise for you!
Assistant Software Control allows you to control Main Unit and perform any necessary action directly from your PC.
You've got one more ace up your sleeve - Broadster Multi Platform! Turn your Android Tab or Smartphone into a Live Production Control Panel. Broadster Multi Platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your work from many popular devices.

Interface Management

-2 x RJ45 LAN ports
-4 x RS-422 ports
-24 Tallies
-4 x G PI Inputs/ 4 x GPI Outputs

Optional Possibilities

Over time, Broadster will be equipped with features that will make the production process even more creative, while saving you resources.
Robotic Camera Control - You will be able to perform basic camera movements by yourself! Quickly and efficiently, bring the camera in a position that you think is best to display the content.
Audio Module - the solution, which will save your money, time and an operator to manage process of video and audio mixing by his own! Audio Module is fully synchronized with production switcher and provides simultaneous switching of both audio and video signals

Dieses Video Mischer wurde auf der IBC 2012 vorgestellt

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