Video Recorder (Compact Flash)
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Video Recorder (Compact Flash)
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Video Recorder Wise CFR
Enregistrement vid?o sans cassette

Tapeless Video Recording

World's Smallest, Lightest CompactFlash Video Recorder (DV, DVCCAM, DVCPro, DVCPro50, DVCPro HD, HDV)
CompactFlash Video Recording - Removable, Ultra - Portable, Flexible


? Cost-Effective CompactFlash Digital Video Recorder. No Moving Parts - Optimized for Extreme, Hostile, Rugged Conditions
Budget-friendly and ultra-portable form-factor. Compatible with user-provided, removable CompactFlash cards (widely available). With no moving parts, Wise CFR offers increased stability over traditional hard drives. Ideal for rough shooting conditions like high-vibration, high altitude or extreme weather. Optimized for broadcast and video professionals in the field.
Supports CF capacity of 30 -128GB

? Built-ln LCD Screen with Scrolling Key
Built-in LCD screen with scrolling key to easily navigate/change settings dynamically, as well as reading back recorded footage/information.

? Camera-Controlled Recording With Or Without Tape
Records DV/HDV from camcorder controlled by camera's REC button (with tape inserted), or by Wise CFR's REC button without tape inserted. Note: An external Tally recording cable provided (attaches to camera REC button).

? Multiple DV/HDV Format And Audio Sampling Rate Detection
Wise CFR automatically detects incoming MiniDV; DVCam; DVCPro (DVCPro-DVCPro50- DVCProHD) or HDVstream formats and 2-ch-16bit-48Khz/2-ch-16bit-44.1Khz/4-ch-12bit-32khz audio sampling rates. Provides record/playback in either format.

? Multiple File Format Support
Using QuickTime (MOV), AVI2 or Canopus/Matrox AVI2 file formats eliminates MXF-to-MOV or MXF-to-AVI2 conversion time. Future firmware update will support Avid-MXF (free to customers).

? Quickly View or Loop Play Last or Previously Captured Sc?nes
"QPLAY" last captured DV footage on viewfinder when setting camera to VCR mode. Also navigate older clips at the press of a button! Note: Future firmware update will support HDV instant playback through viewfinder (free to customers).

? Archive DV Tape Content
Easily archive tape-based HDV or DV footage by pressing Wise CFR's REC button with camera in VCR mode. Video clips are stored as MOV, AVI2 or Canopus/Matrox AVI2 file format in a pre-formatted FAT32 medium.

? Pre-Scene Loop Recording
DV footage buffered in internal memory and instantly recorded to unit's "Media" when REC button is pressed or REC command is selected. This function helps prevent loss of footage.

? Non-Stop Shooting Through Combination Of Batteries
Built-in 150-minute rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery automatically takes over when 4.5-hour external battery runs low. This seamless battery power changeover ensures non-stop shooting capability - no need to shut down unit. ? Plug 'n Play - Instant DV/HDV Editing via miniUSB or FireWire port
With CompactFiash card inserted, Wise CFR appears as an external FireWire hard drive on PC/Mac desktops via the mini USB or FireWire port. Video clips are immediately editable/playable by most NLE software packages.

? Built-ln Hot-Shoe - Total Flexibility
Built-in hot-shoe mechanism for easy camera mounting.

? Quick Erase Button And Utility Programs
Convenient one-touch "Quick Erase" button instantly cleans file folder - frees up hard disk space.

Utility programs included (PC and Mac-compatible)

Package contents:
One Wise CFR unit
-One 6-pin-4-pin(right-angled) IEEE 1394A (FireWire) cable included
-One 6-pin-4-pin( left-angled) FireWire cable
-One 6-pin-6-pin FireWire cable
One swivel adapter
One universal 100 to 240 volt AC input external DC +12V wall mount power adapter
Quick usage guide(CD ), full manual on CD

Optional external battery (4.5 hours per charge)

Dimensions: 79mm x 24mm x 133mm
Weight: 170 grams

Note: The CompactFlash card is not included in the CFR only package.

For further information please contact us

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