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Virtual studio Focus HD Full Version
[Virtual Studio HD]
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Studio Virtuel

HD Full Version (Stereo 3D)

The Product Description will be updated soon

The Focus virtual studio is a unique world-class tool based on combining virtual sets with any video images of live actors and computer characters. Sooner or later, any TV studio will have in the armory such virtual 3D tools as the most flexible and effective means to create practically any type of television program.
Focus is the first revolutionary solution on the world market to break price and technology barriers. What remains is only placement of personnel and organization of production, where we provide maximum assistance through consultations and technical support service lines.

A full-fledged real-time synthesizing 3D graphics system based on the personal computer (included)
Automatic or interactive control with the ability to integrate with video servers, titling and other external equipment to perform operation by a common scenario.

Purpose of Function and Functional Capabilities:

? Creating television production: any news and weather forecasts,
entertainment and information programs, TV shops and auctions -
substantially reduced expenses, high-quality production, the ability to use non-
traditional computer video technologies.
? Cable and internet TV studios - the most large-scale abilities of broadcast
design and operatively creating professional-quality programs at a moderate price.
? Creating a wide range of video production (video clips, commercials, etc.)
- limitless possibilities of creating real-time special effects in the process of
interactive shooting.
? Educational and corporate television - the ability to create teaching and
demonstration materials and programs, organizing local broadcasting on a before
inaccessible level at quite a moderate price.

To enhance the abilities of the Focus HD Stereo 3D Studio, there are different options purchased separately.

This options are available for Focus HD Stereo 3D configuration:

- One additional input channel
- Two additional input channels
- Rack-Mounting Kit
- Hot-Swappable Power Supply of Improved Reliability

Important: Focus HD Stereo 3D Virtual Studio delivery set includes an assembled and configured system unit and a set of cables for connecting video/audio signals.
Optional equipment for Virtual Studio as monitor, breakout box etc. are purchased separately.

Software Options for the Focus Studios:

Studios are supplied with two variants of software: HotActions and HotActions Lite
In addition to the hardware/software system Focus proper, the appropriate scenes (design projects of interiors) created in a compatible format with Focus are required. The standard delivery set includes a small set of training samples and entry-level scenes. HotActions Lite solutions do not include tools for creating 3D scenes and imply ordering the content from third-party developers.
We offer you to take advantage of services provided by our business partner

Basic Configurations of the Focus Virtual Studio's
Focus Lite Analog Full-Fledged Virtual Studio. A live actor image is integrated into the 3D virtual studio and interacts with it in real time. The studio is interactively controlled by the operator's commands (from a touchscreen devices, bluetooth, iPad, GPI, keyboard, etc.)
Focus Lite SD SDI The same as Focus Lite Analog, but with digital inputs/outputs of the video signal, which provides higher quality of the resultant image.
Focus Lite HD SDI The same as Focus Lite Analog, but with digital HD video inputs and outputs.
Update Focus Lite to Full Version Update HotActions Live to HotActions Full including instruments for virtual interior creation and data protection, included database export from 3ds MAX
Additonal two video channels Two additional analog video channels with independent chroma key and audio delay per channel
Record of output signal at hard disk This option allows to record of the output video / audio to the hard disk simultaneously video output

Typical virtual studios use tracking systems worth about $ 40,000 per a camera channel.
"Focus" allows you to use an unlimited number of virtual cameras in the scene, which can move within the scene changing the focus, the real camera remaining motionless.
All this allows you to significantly reduce the working area of the film studio, the amount of scenery and the staff expenses.

For further information please contact us

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Videos: Virtual studio Focus HD Full Version

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